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Enlightened Super Trader Education was established in 2003 to bring high quality trading education and skill to traders through a holistic approach that incorporates elements of a world class athlete training program.

At Enlightened Super Trader Education, we pride ourselves on providing complete trading education curriculum to traders that could make them a consistent, profitable trader.  Trading is challenging and we work to maximize the potential of each student.  Visitors can expect a friendly and positive trading environment.  Students will be pushed to their limits and boundaries with discipline, excellence, and integrity.

Whether you’ve never traded before or a seasoned veteran trader, you will benefit from training at Enlightened Super Trader Education.

We have a two week trial period for new students and are always happy to have visitors come by our Trader Dojo™ or our Online Trader Dojo™.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  I take pride in answering all correspondence myself and knowing every student’s name who walks in the door.

I look forward to see you at the trader dojo or online!    http://rg-onlinesolutions.co.uk/neogyn-cream-free- Click Here To Register!

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Reynaldo Soriano – Peak Performance Trader Coach

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  • Reynaldo is very passionate when it comes to teaching and I highly recommend Reynaldo for the 30 Day Action Taker Program.

    Arthur T., Melbourne, Australia

  • For about two months now, I have been receiving the FX trade alerts from Reynaldo and I also signed up for his Action Taker program. Using his trading strategies and alerts, from April 13th-17th (just 4 days) I took my account from $4,800 to $10,934.42. I don't know how to say this, but his alerts and action taker program really taught me how to trade FX, and since then I have not looked back. I don't even know how to thank him! It is truly a blessing for me that I found ESTE education. I look forward to enhancing my relationship with Rey and ESTE. I recommend EST to EVERY person who is a trader and wants to become a trader. For this price, I don't believe there is a better option available.

    Azam Z., Texas, USA

  • Reynaldo is an outstanding mentor. He is very passionate about those that have a desire to trade.

    Jason C., San Francisco USA

  • Life is beautiful and trading is giving me the opportunity to live it in full!!! Thank you for helping me reveal this beautiful consistently profitable part of myself. You are a super coach!

    Konstantinos M., Cyprus

  • I have been to just about everyone there is in the business. I know the difference between good advice and the typical "snake oil" that is peddled around this industry. Anything Reynaldo is prepared to tell you is well worth listening to. But first, you need to learn how to become a successful trader. And the real meat and potatoes of this is risk control and Who are you being? Once you have experienced the way we go about trading you will have an understanding and awareness as to why we are in the majority of winners.

    John S., South Australia

  • The Mindset of a Successful Trader Workshop is one of my most favorite subjects in trading education. Your workshop was evident to me that you had put all your heart and mind into the most difficult area of trading psychology: winning yourself.

    Tom N., Milpitas, California

  • There is a big difference between "I can't" and "I can". There is even bigger one between "I can" and "I am". The Performance Trading Workshop is the last step to the ultimate trading question: "Who am I being?" Once the answer is found, trading becomes a simple, effortless and intuitive experience of who you are. Thank you, Reynaldo, for showing how to open the door to myself.

    Roman B, San Francisco, California

  • Reynaldo's mentor program can be best described in one word enter site "AWESOME!" If you're serious about being a successful trader then Reynaldo's program is a MUST. In the last few years of trading, I have read numerous trading books. Yet in the first few weeks of the program, I learned what truly makes me a successful trader - starting with ME. As I change my mindset and attitudes, I became a more profitable and successful trader. The program allows me to work at my own pace at my own time and I am able to get the support I require from Reynaldo within 24 to 48 hours. Reynaldo's passion and love for trading is his biggest strength, which he readily shares with you through his programs. With an open mind, you will be able to learn what a successful trader truly means with the support and guidance of Reynaldo.

    Ann S., Melbourne, Australia

  • Everyone who intends to perform well in the market must take this course! It provides the foundation necessary to be a successful trader before one even considers making a trade.

    Susan F., San Rafael, California

  • The seminar allowed me to focus on improving my attitude as a trader than to a system of trading. It is the traders psyche which makes or breaks the trader. It does not matter which trading system you use.

    Luis R., San Francisco, California

  • Absolutely an essential and fun step in trader education!

    Malaya Q., Larkspur, California

  • This workshop provided me with some great inner tools and ah-ha moments which strengthened my confidence and knowingness that I am a successful trader.

    William B., Portole Valley, California

  • The Mindset of a Successful Trader Workshop has definitely surpassed my expectations. Based on the fact that success in trading depends more of our psychological state rather than our technical skills, this is the most important class I have taken in my trading career. This seminar is not only taking me to a more professional level, but it has also set the foundation to have an even richer life in mind, body, and spirit. I recommend this seminar to any trader that is struggling for profitability...and also to those profitable traders that want to move to a higher level. Thanks Reynaldo for sharing your experience!

    Gabriel L., Dallas, Texas

  • I consider Reynaldo to be a leading authority in the area of trading and have based my trading style on that which he has taught. The results are far more than pleasing! Besides his methods being accurate, Reynaldo possesses the mindset of a true champion. He knows exactly what kind of mental qualities it takes to be successful. More importantly, Reynaldo's methods of passing on that knowledge are second to none as he is a fantastic mentor. My experience with Reynaldo has been truly rewarding, reaping reward in all areas of my life.

    Daniel T., Melbourne, Australia

  • If you are looking to improve in any area of your life, the workshop: "The Art of Quantum Trading - How To Beat The Markets Consistently" is critical. Practicing the methodologies will take you to the next level.

    Dinger, Silicon Valley, California

  • Reynaldo's 'Trading Secrets' will equip beginners with the right tools and confidence to trade the market. The course was well presented and is well documented in the course handout. The one on one support is fantastic. It's more than just share trading - it's about having the right mind set, the right physical condition and the right attitude to support your trading strategy. If you're looking for a head start in share trading, then Reynaldo's workshop is a must. Reynaldo has extensive knowledge of share trading and, supported by real results, he has proven that the system works!

    Rouvelee I., Melbourne, Australia

  • The class is awesome to help you master the success principles applied to the trading context. The tools provided help you identify who you are and what to change to become a successful trader." Thanks Reynaldo for sharing your experience!

    Jose M., Sunnyvale, California

  • I went to the seminar thinking: how am I going to know this stuff? Will I be able to understand anything? Will it be beneficial to me? Well, guess what folks? It was fantastic! He made it simple to understand and when I was blank Reynaldo took his time and went over the matter in a simpler term that I could comprehend. It all looked like physics at first but by the end of the seminar, I felt that he had answered all my fears. If you have doubts about the seminar well don't because your life will change once you enter the room. Reynaldo will help and guide you. In an honest term the instructor was fantastic and the knowledge is king...don't miss it...I highly recommend it to any traders...thank you Reynaldo you're the best!

    John C., Melbourne, Australia

  • This is a must for trader's success. Should be taken by all rookie traders before learning from different trading organizations.

    Paresh P., Los Altos, California

  • As a full time trader, I was impressed with Reynaldo's straight forward approach of analysing the market. It gives every trader a set of rules that is easy to use.

    Mandi P.R., Melbourne, Australia

  • It is a mind opener!

    Lawrence C., San Francisco, California

  • It was good.

    Vincent H., Melbourne, Australia

  • This class opened my eyes to beliefs that I have that have limited my potential in trading and life. It is invaluable and I recommend it to anyone who wants to take their trading to the next level.

    Judy B., Arnold, California

  • Reynaldo gave great insight into how our mind works. They were able to bring clarity to the things and thought processes that trigger our decision making. Thank you very much.

    John B., Melbourne, Australia

  • This is a workshop that should be taken by all traders. It helped me realize my bad trading habits and what should be done to be a better trader.

    Rosana DJ., San Leandro, California

  • A fabulous event that has helped me greatly in improving my trading psychology and so ensuring future profit in trading and other areas of my life.

    Mal P., Melbourne, Australia

  • Since I started my new career to become a professional trader, I've been focusing only on technical aspects of trading. BIG MISTAKE!! The key to being consistently profitable and successful trader is having the right mindset. This course was just what I needed in order to go to the next level. Thank you, Reynaldo.

    Jose B., Valencia, Spain

  • Understanding of the ‘mindset’ of a super trader: his/her discipline + structure and balance in the trading approach is far more important than the system he/she uses.

    David A., Melbourne, Australia

  • I have been trading shares, Foreign exchange and Indices for the past four years with average results. I obtained my knowledge from being mentored by a professional self employed day indices trader who made me read every book that he had in his library to obtain the background of trader in all its facets, which included, technical analysis strategies, candlestick-pattern recognition, risk management and mental aspects. Unfortunately he passed away unexpectedly; as a result I was only fifty percent through my training in order to achieve my goal to become a professional trader.

    I continued to trade and try different methods of which I had been exposed to. I was unable to see the big picture of trading and had information overload. My profits dwindled as a result.

    I joined up for Reynaldo’s mentoring program as I knew I had the knowledge but needed some guidance on how to put the pieces of the jigsaw together so that I could make the picture and obtain my goal to become a professional trader.

    Reynaldo has educated me to another way of trading that is of a simple and effective method to trade which is also mechanical and does not require me to sit in front of a computer for hours on end as I am professionally employed full time.

    During the teaching and live trading sessions, I have been able to find questions that have been answered, which has resulted in me not learning by my mistakes, and watching the training being executed in real scenarios. This has resulted in obtaining confidence in the systems learnt and also seeing better profits.

    Reynaldo’s presentation of the mechanical systems are simple and very easy to understand, which result in minimal confusion. These methods can be applied to any security instrument. Reynaldo applies the old age method keep doing it until you get it right. Once you get it right, then increase value content. Reynaldo’s patience and composure during training with me is of a calm and relaxed manner which assist in the training environment.

    I have become more confident in my trading and my profits have increased by being mentored again and being directed along the golden path to success of becoming a professional trader. Which will result in me being to spend more time doing the important things, of which spending time with immediate family, and not having to work away from home for long periods of time.

    Phill L., Cairns, Australia

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