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Our Education

http://tomcarter.co.uk/archive/2012/06/ educationOur education program was founded in 2003 is perhaps the best in the world.  Our education program is unique and one of a kind in the trading education industry.  Trading is one of the most difficult professions due to the uncertainty of the markets, and our education program helps traders steer through this challenging industry based on two important principles of trading.

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The Truth About Trading

buy Seroquel online no rx truthWhat if I tell you that 75% of traders lose money trading the markets.  What if I tell you that institutions like Goldman Sachs has 92% success rate and if you are novice or a seasoned trader that lacks skill, knowledge, and preparation, what probability will you win against them?  What if I tell you that 99.99% of the time a retail trader loses is because of lack of self-awareness and not in the right mindset when trading?

“Champion Traders Are Not Born, Champion Traders Are Made!”

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ESTE's Be-Do-Have Model

bedohavewebsiteWe believe that there is a certain structure with which every trader should become familiar before getting into an arena full of professionals. These professionals in the marketplace are unmerciful and will do anything to wipe a retail trader out, especially if that retail trader has little to no knowledge or experience. In order to win consistently, we teach our traders how to be prepared for battle in mind, body, and spirit.

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ESTE's Martial Arts Principle

backkickwebsite “Truth has no path.  Truth is living and, therefore, changing. Awareness is without choice, without demand, without anxiety; in that state of mind, there is perception.  To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person.  Awareness has no frontier; it is giving of your whole being, without exclusion.” – Bruce Lee

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ESTE's 5 Stages of Learning

5stagesThe 5 stages of learning relates to the psychological states involved in the process of progressing from incompetence to competence in a skill of trading. 

They are:

1. Unconscious Incompetence, 2. Conscious Incompetence , 3. Awakening Moment, 4. Conscious Competence, and 5. Unconscious Competence.

We believe that Awakening Moment is a critical phase of a trader when he realizes that there is something wrong in his trading.

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ESTE's Hypno-Trading

hypnotradingIf you are a seasoned trader or just getting into trading, you may have noticed how we use more of our mind than anything. Trading is more psychological than trading system itself specifically when fear can interrupt the body and disrupt the trading process. The good news is that the opposite is also true: Through positive thought and relaxation, you can help the body and enhance your trading ability to trade freely and effectively with focus in mind, body, and spirit. This is hypno-trading.

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Our Team

teamThe members of our team has one major goal – “To Be A Consistent, Profitable Traders!”  When you join our team, you will receive unlimited support especially in the areas of self-awareness, discipline, meticulousness, risk management, money management,  profit maximizing strategies, and high probability trading set-ups.  

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Terms and Conditions

termsOur terms and conditions are stated for your convenience to avoid miscommunication.  The main topics are Auto Charging, Performance Figures, Limitation on ESTE’s Liability,  Disclaimer of Warranty, Brokers, Acknowledgement and Agreement, and Copyrights.                                               You can also read our terms and conditions for our trade alerts.

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