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ESTE Be-Do-Have Model

http://flyingsquidstudios.com/page0/page0.html The ESTE “BE-DO-HAVE” Trading Principle™

We believe that there is a certain structure with which every trader should become familiar before getting into an arena full of professionals. These professionals in the marketplace are unmerciful and will do anything to wipe a retail trader out, especially if that retail trader has little to no knowledge or experience. In order to win consistently, we teach our traders how to be prepared for battle in mind, body, and spirit.

http://regalosnovedosos.com/2013/12/ ESTE 3 Phases of Learning using the Be-Do-Have Trading Model™

watch The 3 Phases That We Teach Our Students Are The Following:

One of the most challenging and important pieces in the framework for change is the changing of the mindsets of traders. What traders do is caused by who they are; their values and beliefs about what is important, and how they feel (state of mind). How someone is at ‘Be’ determines what they ‘Do’ which determines the outcome of what they ‘Have’. The key is to raise the level of awareness of traders’ mindsets in order to help break through barriers that may be holding them back.

So, why are we different from other trading companies?

In our experience, not all trading systems are created equal. Therefore, how can you determine if the trading system that you have learned or purchased is right for you? Unfortunately, other trading companies will not give you the tools to determine this. Your trading system should be in sync with your values, beliefs, and personal behavior in order for it to work.

What makes us unique and different is our trading model. We have found that to have ultimate success in trading, there are three stages that a trader should learn and abide by.