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Our Education

buy Lyrica usa Our education program, founded in 2004 is perhaps the best in the world and is based on excellence. It is unique and one of a kind in the trading industry. Trading is one of the most difficult professions due to the uncertainty of the markets, and our education helps traders steer through this challenging industry. Our teaching methodologies in the art of trading are based on two principles:

1. ESTE Martial Arts Principle

http://thermograve.co.uk/portfolio-item/case-study-1/ Through Reynaldo’ s 28 year experience in martial arts, he has learned how to teach students to be disciplined, and how to think and trade like champions. In martial arts, students are categorized with colored belts based on their level of skill. For example, a white belt is a beginner, a blue belt is intermediate and a black belt is advanced.

We believe that, as in martial arts, trading does not differentiate among mind, body, and spirit. Abraham Maslow, one of the pioneers of psychology found that there…

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2."Be-Do-Have" Trading Principle™

How do you trade being in the “zone?”  This can be attained through ESTE’s second principle – the “Be-Do-Have” trading principle. We believe that there is a certain structure with which every trader should become familiar before getting into an arena full of professionals.

These professionals in the marketplace are unmerciful and will do anything to wipe a retail trader out, especially if that retail trader has little to no knowledge or experience. In order to win consistently, we teach our traders how to be prepared for a battle in mind, body, and spirit.

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Our Philosophy

ESTE PhilosophyOur philosophy is that in order for you to profit consistently, you will need to “know that you are going to win.”  You will need to be focused.  You will need to trust and be confident in your trading abilities. 

You build confidence by having that competitive edge internally and doing things better than you have ever done before.  You will need to have a strong belief system and a strong value system that will support who you are as an individual. 

Respect the market, be abundant, trade with enthusiasm, trade smartly, and trade objectively.  Trading objectively means to trade without ego, righteousness, and without the opinion that you can outsmart the markets. 

Lastly, we educate our students to trade meticulously, to always put a stop loss, to be responsible, and to always follow the rules.

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