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Author of “Why You Could Be Destined To Fail In Trading and How You Can Avoid It!“, Reynaldo Soriano is a professional full time trader, educator, and the Best Peak Performance Trader Coach around. He inspires traders to greatness and helps them achieve success to make money consistently through discipline, integrity, and excellence.

“As a trader, I have found that the qualities that made the best traders are the ones that make the best athletes.” – Mark Fisher, founder of MBF Clearing Corp., the largest clearing firm on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX).

As a former elite athlete who has been practicing Taekwondo for over 26 years, Reynaldo shares his knowledge, experience, and wisdom with traders and investors in “The Art of Quantum Trading – How to Think and Trade Like a Champion.”  He trains traders on how to be disciplined, meticulous, confident, committed, motivated, focused, and maintainbalance in mind, body, and spirit.

Aside from the mindset perspective, Reynaldo also teaches stocks, forex, and futures from basic to advanced technical analysis, risk management, and money management strategies.

Reynaldo has trained extensively in the martial art of Taekwondo and is a former member of the Australian Taekwondo Team.  From 2010 – 2014, he was an associate coach for the Stanford University Taekwondo Program who then become national champions in 2013.  He was also a former US National Coach during the 2011 World University Games.

He is a regular speaker in presenting the art of trading psychology and he writes frequent articles on the mindset of trading.  He has spoken in front of organizations like the Australian Technical Analysis Association, Bourse Data, the Money Show, and trading meetup groups.

Reynaldo has an Australian diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning), a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics and a degree in Applied Physics and Mathematics.

Samantha Hart

Samantha Hart – ESTE Certified Instructor

Samantha Hart graduated from UCLA in 2013 with a bachelors degree in Biological Sciences and a minor in Spanish.  Before stumbling into ESTE, Samantha started from ground zero. She began not knowing what a pip was or what the Dow Jones Industrial did, but every day in the program since then has been life changing, both academically and spiritually. She can’t wait to share her knowledge with current and prospective students and wishes to continue her own financial education with the ESTE team. In her free time, Samantha has a profound passion for parasitological, invertebrate, and biological research in general, and loves to brew beer. She hopes to use trading as a way to secure her financial freedom and to peruse her passions, both academic and otherwise.

Jason LopezJason Lopez – Assistant Instructor

Jason Lopez is from Mountain View California.  The heart of Silicon Valley where companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Ebay reside.  Jason joined ESTE in 2014 and he is a consistent and discipline trader that is motivated on achieving his goals by using ESTE’s trading methodologies.  Through ESTE’s Trading Psychology 101 course, Jason has developed a strong mindset with trading that he now achieves consistent profits with his trading.  With his experience, he assists other elite members to be a consistent, profitable trader.

Katelyn Pic

Katelyn Hart – Assistant Instructor

Katelyn Hart is from San Jose, California and graduated from San Jose State University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Magazine Journalism.  She started trading in February 2014 after getting burned out from working random administrative assistant and event planning jobs.  Since she started trading she almost lost her entire practice account and then made it back again, and recently won first place in all 3 categories of ESTE’s January-February 2015 Trading Competition. Her trading goals are to retire before she is 40 and get her Master’s degree in Social Entrepreneurship abroad while supporting herself financially with her trading. In her free time she likes to sing karaoke, go hiking, take spontaneous trips to the beach, eat ribs, play badminton, and hang out with her friends. 

Current Elite Members

Advanced Members (Brown Belts)

Julien Esteve – Australia

Vicky Siow – Malaysia

Samantha Hart – USA

Katelyn Hart – USA

Jayms Robinson – USA

Jeff Lopez – USA

Jason Lopez – USA

Mike Lopez – USA

Ruba Khurana – USA


Current Elite Members

Intermediate Members(Blue Belts):

Steve Kaczmarek – USA

Tele Estudillo – USA

Jenny Chung – USA

Russell Steel – USA

Chris Miangi – USA

Jill Halme – USA

Sujata Bhide – USA

Ameneh Zeynalzadegan – USA

David Campbell – USA

Beginner Members (White Belts):

Andres Villa – USA 

Gurmail Giran – Australia

Sandeep Babel – USA

Past Members

Jennifer Throssell – USA

Earl Hart – USA

Bernie Caguiat – USA

Warren Wen – USA

Sarah Girn – Australia

Joel Pena – USA

Lisa Yu – USA

Ann Soriano – Australia

Jason Caballero – USA

Jon Kadas – USA

Phill Louden – Australia

Anthony Ehara – USA

Loleatha Robertson – USA

Rahul Gopi – USA

Jenny Leyland – Australia

Pavel Braganza – Australia

Abi Mohan – USA

Aloysius – USA

Konstantinos Michaelides – Cyprus

Germent Chi – USA

Humberto Flores – USA

Mike Maciejowski – Australia

Ryan Cliff – Australia

Raj Singh – Australia