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Free Whole Day Personal Trading Assessment Class

– is a buy Lyrica 50 mg FREE whole day trading class that gives the student the opportunity to know what he/she doesn’t know about trading before investing thousands of dollars for trading education or lose thousands of dollars in the markets.  The trading game can be very overwhelming to the new or intermediate trader not knowing what challenges they have to face.  This class will assist the trader what they need to know and what to avoid before getting invested to trading.

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brainTrading Psychology 101 Class

– This is a must source fundamental class for beginners.  This is the key foundation to trading success on how to be a consistent, profitable trader.  This class will assist the beginner trader to be aware of what might cause them to self-sabotage their success in trading.  It is a self-awareness class that will also assist the trader to think and trade like a champion.

There are 3 Phases of trading psychology 101.

Phase 1 – Finding Out Your Key Challenges In Trading

Phase 2 – Looking At Your Challenges and How To Change Them

– We will discuss and look at your beliefs that either limit you or support your trading success, values, habits, emotional needs, the process on how to be a consistent, profitable trader, balance, and health and nutrition.

Phase 3 – How to Maintain Your Success Through Self-Awareness


connect Trading Psychology 202 Class

– is the next level of self-awareness for intermediate and advanced traders.  In this class, Hypnosis, Meditation and Visualization Trading Techniques, and Processes on How To Build Your Intuition With Trading will be introduced.



GlassesCreatureBeginner Class

– the beginner class is where the foundation of learning ESTE’s (Enlightened Super Trader Education) trading program begins.  Combine with Trading Psychology 101, you will build a solid base mentally before trading the markets.

The Beginner Class will include the following:

  • Introduction To Technical Analysis
  • ESTE’s 5 Simple Step Process on How To Analyze The Markets To Profit Consistently
  • How to Use ESTE’s Trading Checklist
  • Choosing The Right Trading Vehicle To Trade
  • How To Create a Proper Trading Business Plan: The Path of Your Financial Goals
  • ESTE’s Foolproof Emotional Flowchart: How To Remove Any Emotion Before, During, and After Trading


EarsCreatureIntermediate Class

– Pre-requisite (Pass Beginners Class and Finish Trading Psychology 101 Class)

Technical Training is important in trading.   It is important tho to learn the right process to learn the techniques.  Despite the number of trading systems out there, not all trading systems are created equal.  What makes us different to others is our education that we provide to our students.  It is the way we teach and mentor our students so they could be a consistent, profitable trader when they graduate from our program.  You are also going to demonstrate what you will be learning in a real live trading environment.

In the Intermediate Class, you are going to learn:

  • ESTE’s Method 2 – ESMS Pattern Recognition Method
  • ESTE’s Method 3 – 2 In 2 Out No Brainer Method
  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Money Management Strategies
  • Profit Maximizing Strategies
  • Live Trading


SmileCreatureAdvanced Class

– Pre-requisite (Pass Intermediate Class by showing consistent trading results using M2 and M3)

In the advanced class, you are no longer going to use indicators as you are going to learn how to read proper price action.  You are going to learn how to forecast future price movements with the highest probability of winning with the lowest risk possible.  In the advanced class, you are going to trade with institutions.  You are going to learn how to buy and sell at wholesale prices.  You are going to learn how to read the markets objectively based on what the market dictates and not based on your personal opinions or beliefs.

In this class you are going to learn the following:

  • ESTE’s Method 1 – The Elite Trading Method
  • What Institutions Don’t Want You To Know That You Should Know
  • How To Determine Institutional Price Points
  • How To Trade With The Markets
  • Law of Angles
  • Law of Harmonic Vibration of Multiple Time Frame Analysis
  • How To Forecast Future Price Movement With High Probability
  • How To Find Precision Entries and Exits
  • Hedging Strategies
  • Advanced Trading Techniques to Maximize Your Profits
  • How To Trade Using Your Intuition
  • Live Trading
  • Tips of ESTE’s M2 – ESMS Pattern Recognition Method 
  • Tips of ESTE’s M3 – 2 In 2 Out No Brainer Method
  • Advanced Risk Management and Profit Maximizing Strategies


StocksESTE’s Live Trading Class

Sparring is a martial art term that means to fight or battle to test your skill and knowledge.  Our classes involve a lot of sparring with the markets.  The purpose is to get the student engaged with the markets in a live trading environment to test their trading skills from what they have learned theoretically.  The coach would then be able to assess the deficit on what the student needs to improve on.

What’s next?  

The next step is simple…try us out for 10 days and learn the process how to be a consistent, profitable trader!

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