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Similar to martial arts, the purpose of the classes is to assist traders correct their trading techniques and make them aware of their bad habits that could lead to their inconsistent profitability.  Our classes are designed to give the student a high level of trading education using self-awareness techniques, audio-visual techniques, demonstration, group discussion, practice by doing, teaching others for immediate use, feedback, and trading methods that work in any market conditions.

Classes are structured based on ESTE’s Be-Do-Have Trading Principle.  Classes are being held both at the Online Dojo™ and at the Trader Dojo™ in the city of Santa Clara California, home of the San Francisco 49ers.

In order for the student to enjoy and have the full experience of our education, the student must learn the prerequisite courses recommended by Enlightened Super Trader Education to build a strong trading foundation.  The idea is to make students at all levels well rounded in their trading abilities.

buy Provigil ESTE’s Trading Classes Are The Following:

  • FREE Whole Day Personal Trading Assessment Class
  • Trading Psychology 101 Class
  • Trading Psychology 202 Class
  • Beginner Class
  • Intermediate Class
  • Advanced Class
  • ESTE’s Live Trading Class
  • Group Coaching

For a more detailed information about the classes, Click Here