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How To Maximize Profits Using ESTE’s Trifecta Trading Strategy

source link Trifecta – is defined as “a system of betting in which the bettor must pick the first three winners in the correct sequence. Also called triple.  It is also a set or combination of three things.”- freedictionary.com

http://ciao-ciao.co.uk/cookies/feed/ We at ESTE, have three different trading methods and they go in hierarchy as in M1 (Elite Trading Method), M2 (ESMS Pattern Recognition Method), and M3 (2 In 2 Out No Brainer Method).  I believe that trading methods are not created equal.  They go in hierarchy.

get link Below is a live trading example of what we mean.

eurusd-d1-09-07-2016-1700-estes-trifecta-trading-strategyThe first arrow is an entry point based on ESTE’s Method 1 – Elite Trading Method.  The entry is based on facts where institutions are buying.  We know we can’t buy at manufacturing price so we buy at wholesale price that is based on a high probability/low risk ratio.

The second arrow is an entry point based on ESTE’s Method 2 – ESMS Pattern Recognition Method.  Institutions leave clues and since we deal everything purely on price, we recognize that when buyers take over from a level of demand, the probability price will continue to go up to continue its momentum is highly probable.

The third arrow is an entry point based on ESTE’s Method 3 – 2 In 2 Out Method.  In this methodology we are entering at retail price point and the risk becomes higher from it’s low point.  In this methodology we use a trending indicator that confirms a potential change of trend.  Since a Higher Low has already been formed, the probability price will reach the level of supply is 100% probable despite the price being far away from the last low.

ESTE Trifecta happens once in a while and when they do come, we take advantage of it and maximize profits.

To find out more about our trading methods, contact us at contactus@estetrader.com


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