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Recommended Books To Read

buy modafinil ireland  esteebook_small.pngPerformance is the key to consistent profitability.  The question is how?  Here are a list of recommended books that we are going to use during our classes to assist your trading performance.

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Finalist Seals - Finalist Trading Courses Compact

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Weekly Market Update and Blog

Why Traders Lose Money – 2 Common Mistakes You Must Need To Know

Trading is a profession and a business.  Like any other profession and business, it takes time and money to learn to gain knowledge, experience, and skill to be successful at it.  Trading is a zero sum game.  Like sports, there is a winner and there is a loser.  Research shows that 95% of traders lose money and only 5% make money.  That is a very low success rate. The question is why?  Does this mean that you are doomed to fail at the very beginning if you start trading?  You will find out why and that there is hope in

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