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A Trading Workshop You Wouldn’t Want To Miss!

Transforming The Inconsistent Trader

http://jenniferblyth.com/favicon.ico 10 Common Trading Habits and Pitfalls That Could Be Holding You Back From Success!

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  • This class is very informative and comprehensive. I learned the importance of knowing your trading purpose, psychology of trading, and taking massive action!"

    Ryan C.

  • This class showed how the trading systems works and why you should be aware of it."

    Pramod G.

  • "What do I like about this class? Everything!"

    Judith V.

  • This is a great class! Really NO Sales Gimmick. Reynaldo truly shows interest in the students. I learned a lot.

    Susan T.

  • This is a very good beginner information for someone who hasn't traded before as well as for a trader who has traded before since it points out all the pitfalls of trading.

    Gana P.

  • Great information in this workshop. Loved the event and the clarity provided.

    Neil M

  • The workshop was very detailed, easy to understand, and very informative.

    Aravind J.

  • It is very informative and fun!

    Ashley H.

  • I learned a lot from this class.

    Dinesh B

  • I liked how Reynaldo didn't have to hesitate when performing. He already knew everything that he needed to shar information to the class.

    Jason L.

  • Awesome!

    Mike L.

  • The class is wonderful and an eye opening program.

    Tan N.

  • The information provided is honest and straight forward.


  • I have taken various classes from other trading training organizations and the approach of trading topic is excellent.


  • The class was informative. I believe the amount of information is just right. It was also entertaining.


click here If you are you new to the trading game or a seasoned trader who is having challenges profiting from trading and you would like to know what common habits inconsistent traders have and how to avoid them, then this one day workshop is for you!

http://graceproductionservices.com/965025/p050le4_8194.html In This Workshop, You Are Going To Learn How To Read Charts Objectively, and A Solid Risk and Money Management Strategy!

What You Will Learn:

  • How Trading Really Works.  Reynaldo will explain why you have been learning the wrong things right up to this point with trading
  • How To Read Charts Objectively
  • Why Trading is Simple
  • The Importance of Good Entries
  • The Major Factors How To Profit Consistently On A Monthly Basis With Trading
  • How To Have A 100% Probability of Winning
  • 10 Common Trading Challenges Of A Trader
  • The Art and Science of Technical Analysis
  • How To Analyze Your Charts Objectively
  • How To Have A Guaranteed Stop
  • How To Have A Guaranteed  Profit
  • How To Avoid Being A Retail Trader
  • The Trader’s Play Book – Offense and Defense Strategies 

Who Will Benefit:

  • Beginners Who Are Searching For The Right Information Before Learning How To Trade
  • Seasoned Traders Who Are Not Getting The Trading Results That They Want.  
  • Traders Who Wants To Learn How To Be A Consistent, Profitable Trader
  • Traders Who Wants To Trade Objectively
  • Traders Who Wants To Avoid Being A Retail Trader

Date and Time:  

  • Aug 23, 2015,  11am – 7pm 


  • Boyd, 207 City Road Southbank Vic 3006


  • AU$750

Your Presenter

Chicago Person

Reynaldo Soriano – Peak Performance Trader Coach and Author of “Why You Could Be Destined To Fail In Trading and How You Can Avoid It!“, a best selling book.

Reynaldo has 16 years trading experience under his belt.  He has been trained by traders who used to trade on Wall Street and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange the importance of price action, supply and demand, and most importantly risk management.  He believes that trading a two dimensional chart is not enough to increase one’s probability of winning trading the markets unless you can learn and read the third dimension of trading.  He believes that there’s an art and science in technical analysis.  Lastly, he believes that in order to be successful at trading, you will need to have the right tools and be in harmony mentally, technically, and spiritually.  

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