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Why Traders Lose Money – 2 Common Mistakes You Must Need To Know

buy canibus Lyrical law Trading is a profession and a business.  Like any other profession and business, it takes time and money to learn to gain knowledge, experience, and skill to be successful at it.  Trading is a zero sum game.  Like sports, there is a winner and there is a loser.  Research shows that 95% of traders lose money and only 5% make money.  That is a very low success rate. The question …Read More

How To Maximize Profits Using ESTE’s Trifecta Trading Strategy

http://thermograve.co.uk/our-team/ Trifecta – is defined as “a system of betting in which the bettor must pick the first three winners in the correct sequence. Also called triple.  It is also a set or combination of three things.”- freedictionary.com We at ESTE, have three different trading methods and they go in hierarchy as in M1 (Elite Trading Method), M2 (ESMS Pattern Recognition Method), and M3 (2 In 2 Out No Brainer Method).  I …Read More

Playing With Fire

As you trade the markets, it’s vital to trade calmly and with confidence. If you constantly worry about failing or losing money, you will sabotage your efforts and end up losing in the end. That said, you don’t want to be too overconfident. The overconfident trader is the naïve trader. In the back of your mind, you should always remember that trading is like playing with fire. At a party …Read More

Why You Need To Change If You’re Not Profiting From Trading

The best traders are not self-conscious about their mistakes. They don’t regret past mistakes or worry about the future. They live in the moment and are ready to take new chances to reach new heights. But many traders are stuck. It’s as if they were driving their car up a steep hill and shifted into high gear too early. What happens? They go slower and slower, and their car eventually …Read More

How To Make 5% Minimum Return A Month Consistently

Research shows that 95% of retail traders fail to make money trading the markets.  In most cases they will lose all of their money and ended up giving up.  The major reasons why they fail is because of lack of knowledge, skill, and experience.  The majority learn how to trade on their own, no coach, and no plan. So how can you make money from trading?  How can you be …Read More

A Daily Routine

When most traders look back at their trading errors, and wonder why they happened, they often find that they knew how to put themselves in an optimal mindset, but they did not do so. Instead, they tried to trade under conditions that were not conducive to winning. If you want to trade at your peak, though, it’s useful to follow a daily routine so as to enter the proper state …Read More

Why Team ESTE Are Winners

Last week was an outstanding week for Team Elite ESTE.  Based on our meticulous analysis through risk, probability, reward, and overall technical and fundamental analysis, we managed to snatch 7 winning trades and 0 losses.  A 100% success rate. Last Monday in the Advanced Class, we analyzed the USDCHF and forecasted the USD will drop against the CHF was highly probable.  With a low risk, high probability trade, it was pretty …Read More

Trading Mistakes – Everybody Makes Them

When your money is on the line, you don’t ever want to make a trading mistake. There are times when even a minor mistake can cost you big, but mistakes do happen. Have you ever spent a few days mapping out a trading plan, patiently waiting for the right market conditions, and then blowing the whole thing by making a dumb mistake? Perhaps you were distracted and forgot to close …Read More

The Auction Mentality

Have you ever gone shopping on eBay? Perhaps you were bidding on a watch or a piece of clothing. You read the description carefully: “Gold Rolex. Looks New.” What is the watch worth to you? You read further and the description says, “Broken watchband. Scratched crystal.” Now how much is the watch worth? Much less, right? Well, maybe. Who knows? The watch is worth whatever someone will pay for it. …Read More

Why Clearing Your Mind Before Trading Is Important

Have you ever made trading errors because you couldn’t concentrate? Perhaps out of the blue you suddenly lost confidence. The economic times we live in can shake anyone’s confidence. Sometimes we have big rallies, like on Tuesday-Wednesday, but other times the market has been bearish. The times are uncertain. Is the economy going to change? How will people adjust to interest rate changes? How will the masses perceive the inevitable …Read More